1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics Programme

* You can download the updated conference program from the above links, in which you will find information regarding airport pick up, hotel, reception and banquet, schedule of all talks and posters, and conference tour, etc.
* Some of the latest changes have not been updated in this conference program due to time constraint.
* Posters are suggested to be 1.6 meters or less in height, and 0.9 meter or less in width, which will best fit the board.


Scientific program will be categorized into following 7 fields.

F.   Fundamental plasma                    

B.   Basic plasma                              

A.   Applied plasma                      

L.   Laser plasma                              

S.   Space plasma                            

SA.  Solar/Astro plasma                   

MF.  Magnetic fusion plasma


The following subjects will be covered:

“Fundamental” covers 1. Mathematical plasma physics, 2. MHD and Reconnection, 3. Kinetic MHD, 4.  Plasma turbulence, 5.Gyro kinetic, 6. NC transport, 7. Turbulent transport, 8. Current Drive, etc. 

“Basic” covers 1. Diagnostics, 2. Simulation, 3. A&M in plasma for astro/solar/space, laser, low temperature and fusion applications, 4. Strongly coupled  plasma, 5. Non-neutral plasma, 6. Quantum plasma, 7. Plasma propulsion, 8. Plasma source and plasma heating system, 9. Plasma material interaction, 10. Relativistic plasma physicsetc.


Basic Structure of Scientific Program

Conference will from Monday (18 Sept.) to Saturday (23 Sept.). Morning sessions will be plenary session (no parallel session) in principle which may include ~30 plenaries. There will be 2017 S. Chandrasekhar Prize selection before the conference and the winner will be the first plenary speaker. Afternoon session will be dedicated for parallel sessions. Number of invited speakers is > 200 of above 7 fields. Number of orals will be decided according to the number of contributed abstracts. There will be DPP young research award.


AAPPS-DPP 2017 Plenary Speakers 

Invited speaker list 

Fundamental Plasma Physics 

Basic Plasma Physics 

Applied Plasma Physics 

Laser Plasma Physics

Solar/Astro Plasma Physics 

Magnetic Fusion Plasma Physics 

Space Plasma Physics



AAPPS-DPP2017 programme
Abstract Submission  
Deadline: 31 May 2017